About Us

MIRYOKU is a Japanese skincare brand thoughtfully crafted for the modern, everyday Asian woman. We have a delightful range of light, clean, non-greasy, and moisturising beauty products that will be gentle on your skin and provide it with the nourishing comfort it needs.With cutting-edge Japanese technology and natural plant extracts, Miryoku gives you better results and brings out your inner beauty.

Natural Ingredients

Our products are infused with the natural power of plant extracts, also known as botanicals. The ingredients we use are packed with essential nutrients to tackle skin problems like acne, black spots, ageing skin, and more. 

Unique and Fresh Concept

Wrapped in elegant, minimalist packaging, we created our skincare products to suit the needs of Asian women's skin. Botanical beauty is one of the trending concepts adopted by Miryoku. We use its safe and effective techniques to restore the feeling of clean and youthful soft skin. 


As a member of our exclusive Miryoku Club, you will be entitled to amazing benefits such as member reward points, product discounts, and tailor-made skincare solutions. We provide quality services to improve your skin condition and give your skin the love it deserves.